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This coming Thursday March 15th you and your team have the chance at sipping victory, as we get set for our fifth edition of Pinche Trivia Nights in English at the Pinche Gringo BBQ Warehouse. Hosted by our fabulous Quiz Mistress Katrina, Pinche Trivia Night provides you with 5 tense rounds of trivia, along with delicious BBQ food and local craft beer available at your fingertips. Many questions deal with American culture, so make sure you brush up on American history, pop culture, geography and more!

In order to participate, you simply need to purchase $100 of consumption at our bar or restaurant. You can do that here at the restaurant by showing proof of purchase to our door, or purchase a reservation ticket for $100 that includes two Modelo beers and participation in the event.

The rounds will begin at 7PM, so please arrive by 6:30PM so you can sign up, form teams and go over the rules.

Come out to Pinche Trivia Nights in English and show the world what you know!